The Cube Journal
Adventures, perspectives and the journey of ideas.

Shared-X : Seeding the change

Founded in 2015, Shared-X is an impact company that aims to upend the traditional farming model. Read More

Lyft: We love. We Share.

We invested in Lyft in January 2016 and now it has been listed. Thank you Lyft for the amazing journey during these years, the best is yet to come! Read More

The Sound of Impact

Following the success of the last editions of Impact Park, with hundreds of participants and amazing speakers from all over the world gathering in Milano, this year we decided to join TBLI events Read More

The Road Ahead

We started off in 2013 with the simple idea to carry on a cross-generational message of entrepreneurship in investing and in these five years, we have been gathering values, sensations, projects and entrepreneurs with outstanding results. Read More

We go with Linky.

Since 2017, Rancilio Cube has enthusiastically invested in Linky Innovation, an ingenious startup that operates on the ”last mile" sector. Read More


Omaze, is the online fundraising platform that's reinventing charitable giving by making it fun and easy for everyone. Read More

Fintech is Cool!

Fraugster, the software company that uses artificial intelligence to prevent fraud for online retailers, has raised $14m in a Series B funding round led by CommerzVentures. Read More

Free the stories... Freeda

We are glad to announce our investment in Freeda. The Italian millennial women-focused media company recently announced that it raised a $10 million Series A. Read More

We are not sheep: Naadam

We invested in Naadam in collaboration with U-Start. We believe in in ethical fashion design, using innovation to redefine sustainability. Read More

Shaping students future: Uniwhere

Uniwhere, the startup that wants to bridge the gap between education and employment, closes its first round of investment of € 500,000. We are happy to be among their international investors! Read More

Rancilio Cube 4.0: Andrew Alliance

From mechanics to robotics. We are very proud to shift our paradigm and join world class investors in a new adventure: Andrew Alliance. Read More

Rancilio Cube exited Meritocracy

Even if our investment had been short in time, it was a privilege to meet and collaborate with Riccardo and Alberto, two entrepreneurs with “the eye of the tiger”! Read More

Let's Chat: Botsociety

Botsociety is an online conversational design solution which allows to quickly build a high-fidelity preview of your next chatbot or voice assistant. It's like Adobe Photoshop for Facebook chatbots, Alexa skills and more. It brings the "What You See Is Wh Read More

Lyft: Get a ride in minutes

Lyft was founded in June 2012 by Logan Green and John Zimmer to improve people’s lives with the world’s best transportation. Based in San Francisco, California, Lyft is the fastest growing rideshare company in the U.S giving more than 70 million rides Read More

Welcome to the future: Fraugster

Fraugster welcomes You to the future, the future of payments. Based in the vibrant heart of Berlin, Fraugster is an AI driven payment security company committed to boosting conversion rates and eliminating e-commerce fraud. Read More

We are starving: Deliveroo

Deliveroo offers a food delivery experience that leverages on a diversified range of restaurants, a cutting-edge technology app and a flexible and dynamic fleet. Read More

We are the children: Mukako

Sometime little things can help you in everyday life! We are talking about Mukako, the Rancilio Cube’s playful and smart investment. Read More

We are [impact] family: Treedom

“Let’s green the planet!” We are the first proud investor of Treedom, unique web platform that offers the possibility to plant a tree and follow its growth online. Read More

Jump on, drive off: emmy

Our journey in impact investing goes on: we speed-up our eco-sharing with emmy, the red electric scooter fleet in Berlin. Read More

We celebrate arts & crafts: Artemest

We love to cross the ocean: we invested in Artemest, the online destination for timeless craft. It is an innovative e-commerce company that connects the most talented artisans and designers in Italy with an international audience of art lovers. Read More

Applause for Cube

We proudly invested in Applause App Quality, Inc, (Applause). Applause is the global leader for crowd-sourced testing, user feedback and research across all digital experiences. Read More

We are family: Legami

"We are young and we are curious, we are dreamers and travellers and we believe in what we are doing." Read More

We like Artificial Intelligence: Parquery

People have the power: Supermercato24

We invested in Supermercato24, the unique Italian platform for fast delivery grocery shopping, offering same­day delivery within one hour. Read More

Time for holiday: Sailogy!

We invested in Sailogy,the world leading online yacht charter booking platform. Read More

We love to play:Prenota Un Campo

We invested in Prenota Un Campo, the unique italian platform allowing to book every kind of sports venues. Read More

We invest in the future: Tensive

We invested in Tensive, the biomedical startup founded in 2012 as a spin-off of Filarete Foundation. Read More

We are with Soundreef

We invested in Soundreef. The company licenses businesses to play its members’ music in stores and live events in over 20 countries. Read More