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We are not sheep: Naadam

Real Sustainability. Real People. Real Materials.

We invested in Naadam in collaboration with U-Start. We believe in in ethical fashion design,
using innovation to redefine sustainability. 

Naadam is the sustainable, luxury cashmere brand based in New York. It produces luxury cashmere knitwear while preserving nomadic lifestyle in Mongolia.

The company responsibly sources the finest fibers to produce garments of substance, relevance & quality, connecting a global perspective through a modern aesthetic. Each piece affirms the undeniable link between the herders who harvest the fleece & the global audience that wears it. The company was co-founded and launched by Matthew Scanlan, Diederik Rijsemus and Hadas Saar in 2015.

Naadam has disrupted the luxury cashmere industry by delivering beautiful products with unparalleled quality through a sourcing model that goes directly to the source and supports supply chain sustainability with non-profit work.

“Naadam is focused on fundamentally changing consumer expectations around meaningful brand values and value propositions. Our business is built on purely sustainable supply chain practices, continually differentiating Naadam from our global competition. We are humbled but excited by the opportunity Naadam has to change the face of modern luxury brands and ethical business practices.” Said Matthew Scanlan, Co-Founder and CEO.


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