the cube journal

The Road Ahead

We started off in 2013 with the simple idea to carry on a cross-generational message of entrepreneurship in investing and in these five years, we have been gathering values, sensations, projects and entrepreneurs with outstanding results.


From outside  we might look like an investment company, but, in fact, within Cube we champion a purely human work philosophy, driven by passion and willpower.


From outside we appear as a business angel, but, in fact, we firmly believe that only through sharing and continuous exchange of views we can obtain solid results.


From outside we can be identified as an impact investor, but, in fact, we think that the only way to get a profit is to seek sustainability and change. From outside we are a family, but, in fact, the family is everyone who allows us to participate in their journey, which then becomes, to a certain extent, our journey as well.


We wanted to establish a family office. However, every day, thanks to the people that work with us, we strive to continue in our one and only practice: making beautiful things from scratch.


In these five years, we have met thousands of entrepreneurs, who, one after the other, have surprised us with their wonderful stories and we surely want this to carry on.


We are immensely proud and excited about the future of all initiatives and projects we have supported in 2018, and throughout this half-decade of successful histories since Cube was born. This year will not be different, and we wish you a bright and adventurous year ahead.


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