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Shared-X : Seeding the change

“In 2017, one evening in Rome, faith would have it that I sat next to John Denniston for dinner. At the time, while I didn't know who that distinguished American gentleman was, I told him the story about the Rancilio journey and the coffee machine business that I came from. After blasting him with a whole Made in Italy tale (which sometimes seems almost boring to me), I began to realize his wide experience as a Californian venture capitalist from unique anecdotes he confided to me. On that moment I felt close to a giant. 


Almost like magic I found myself in front of a man who is a role model in style, approach, gestures and words within a unique professionalism, which fascinates me like nothing else. 


From this day on, John also managed to show me why he threw himself into an adventure of sustainability with Shared-X, the impact farming company he founded in Peru. The happiness that he found in those places in comparison to the frenzy of the Silicon Valley, seemed to me just as true and pure as the water that flows there. 


Rancilio Cube invested in both the Shared-X round-C (2017) and round-D (now in its final phase), because we believe that balance and impact are the most important values to pursue. We believe in the profit of change. 


Although geographically an ‘technically’ distants, I have never felt so similar in DNA as with my friend John. I hope that Rancilio Cube continues to be for us an ambitious and serene second life, just like Shared-X is for him.”



About Shared-X:


Founded in 2015, Shared-X is an impact company that aims to upend the traditional farming model. By working alongside local growers in order to raise crops yields with innovative technologies, they provide speciality products like coffee, aromatic cocoa and organic bananas in a sustainable way for consumers worldwide, creating an innovative, transparent, and conscientious value chain. 


Shared-X works to lift people out of poverty by deploying advanced farming techniques on highly productive land to close the agricultural yield gap. Through the direct sale of speciality crops to international markets, the company provides social, environmental and economic benefits to local communities.


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