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Widening on healthtech - Apollo Health Ventures

Apollo Health Ventures - the transatlantic VC firm building ventures to prevent age-disease - announces the closing of its second fund. Jointly with other prominent figures, and to expand our portfolio in such a relevant market, we invested in Apollo II because we strongly believe in their strategy: not only making investments, but also participating in venture creation.


In 2016, the entrepreneurs Nils Regge and Dr. Ole Mensching started Apollo Health Ventures with a bold mission: building ventures that will fight age-related disease (dementia, heart attacks, stroke, diabetes etc.) at its core.


What is Apollo doing?


By investing in biotech and biopharma ventures that develop solutions preventing age-related diseases (instead of only curing after they occur) Apollo is likely to enable human’s oldest dream: living healthy as we age. To this end, Jens Eckstein, Nils and Ole are applying their venture creation experience to bring far progressed science into healthtech by actually co-founding new ventures.


Where is Apollo heading to?


By applying the venture creation model, we believe that Apollo sits in a real innovative niche: we were particularly impressed by the hit rate, after several success stories in their first fund (most notably is Aeovian Pharmaceuticals). The second fund will continue with this model: the first two ventures have already been founded and the pipeline of other breakthrough technologies is filling up quickly. Apollo concentrates on distinct areas of research where they see most potential to produce powerful and impactful achievements in research and solutions which will drive investor returns. With the experience of Jens Eckstein and his 18 IPOs, the team has vast experience in picking the right topics. Ole and Nils have built so many success stories in the past and we are certain that they will continue to execute great ideas and build solid management teams to create the future of VC.


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