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The strength of flexibility - Airbnb

We've invested in Airbnb along with the US fund G-Squared and, after two years from then, we’re very excited to share that the company rang the bell. After a slump in revenues caused by the pandemic and layoffs, Airbnb made a successful debut at Nasdaq: it is now worth $103 billion. The secret? Adaptability and the 'lightness' of the model. This is why investors continue to believe in the former startup of short term rentals.


We feared we hadn't made the best of investments, mainly due to the pandemic issue. But now, that Airbnb is worth over $100 billion, the scenario has definitely changed: maybe it's the euphoria on the stock market in recent months, but it’s certainly also dictated by the ability to read a negative situation in a positive light. At the beginning of this journey, one of Airbnb’s executives told us: “you don't know how good Brian Chesky is at managing moments of crisis”, and in this case he has been truly formidable.



Airbnb's story is one of resilience, flexibility and hope:


“We never expected, back in the spring, that we’d be ending the year this way. I think this year has highlighted the adaptability of the model. People have stopped flying and going very far, but people have a fundamental need to connect and, I think, a desire to travel.”


- The words from Airbnb co-founder Nate Blecharczyk in an interview before the stock began trading.


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