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Speedinvest III - We are on board!

Their journey began nine years ago in Vienna with the first fund “Speedinvest 1” and it has since added offices in London, Berlin, Munich and San Francisco.

From the beginning, the European seed-stage VC decided to follow a distinct strategy: hands-on, founder centric and globally-minded.

They built a world-class support platform for the founders with an increased focus on specific verticals, leading to the creation of their focus funds:  Fintech, Deep Tech, Marketplaces, Industrial Tech, Digital Health and Consumer Tech startups - so a pretty wide brief.

Speedinvest manage a portfolio of over 140 startups that includes a number of fast-growing tech companies, such as insurtech Wefox, e-scooter rentals company Tier Mobility and fintech Curve. Other notable investments include Coachhub, TWAICE, Billie, Tourradar, Inkitt and Luko.


“Having been a founder myself, I have a clear view on value creation by investors. You need to deliver sector-specific, operationally relevant input that goes far beyond boardroom advice and cash. In our experience, the best way to do that is to be face-to-face with our founders.”

Said Oliver Holle, Speedinvest CEO


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