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We are proud investors of N26

N26 is now one of the highest valued FinTechs globally

The last few months have been made of major achievements for N26: they have celebrated the landmark of 3.5 million customers worldwide and launched in the USA!

We are super excited to announce our participation in their $300m Series D round that took place in January and just got an additional $170m funding. This is one of the biggest European rounds and ranks N26 among the most valuable European startups, while guaranteeing its position on the top ten most valuable FinTechs worldwide.

We fell in love with N26 owing to the fact that they are changing banking for the better globally, by giving everyone the power to bank in a transparent and simple way and offering customers the flexibility they need when it comes to managing their money, with a strong appeal to the younger generation.

We’re proud of what N26 has achieved so far, and we know that this is just the beginning. They’ll continue to build-up across Europe and the US and will be launching a Brazilian branch by 2020 as the next step in their global expansion.

We could not be more thrilled about spreading these news and we hope it inspires you, exactly like it did to us.

Hooray to N26!


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