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We go with Linky.

Since 2017, Rancilio Cube has enthusiastically invested in Linky Innovation, an ingenious startup that operates on the ”last mile" sector: that slice of transport chains and logistics that still makes room for constant, unusual and sustainable improvement. 

Linky's mission? To design and provide unique vehicles, that increments users' freedom and mobility, with major environmental concern. Linky Innovation developed a longboard - one tougher, steadier and faster version of a skateboard. This is an electric, foldable and ravishing device, reliable on the road thanks to the particular formulation of its polymers.


Conceived in Italy, with patented technology in the US, China and Europe, Linky is a fun solution to integrate with any commute, public or private. A quite pleasant one: between 2017 and 2018, Linky Innovation delivered their first 700 units and settled partnerships with four different strategic distributors within US, UK, Netherlands and Japan.


Backed up by a well-succeeded crowdfunding campaign through Indiegogo, more than 250 thousand euros were gathered as an initial investment. Along with fantastic user feedback, spirits were high. An outcome that took Linky Innovation to set their goal for 2019: to venture into the new continent. A brand new crowdfunding campaign has recently started under the Italian platform Mamacrowd and Rancilio Cube is onboard. Ça va sans dire. We go with Linky.




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