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Cube Tour

We just got back from an extraordinary adventure overseas.


We left the U.S. truly satisfied as we have laid solid foundations to build a bridge between Italian investors and American venture capital investment opportunities. This was made possible thanks to the network we have created over the years and to our trustworthy American friends.


In those days, we crossed paths with many funds with insightful reciprocities that filled our stay with excitement. We also took the opportunity to consolidate our everlasting relationship with GSquared.


San Francisco is not a place for the faint of heart and our meeting with the CFO Brian Roberts at the Lyft HQ proved the point with pure joy and passion. We met the extraordinary team of Botsociety and we also stopped by the Aspect Ventures' office, one of our first investments there; and after two dazzling weeks in the Valley, we sailed off to the East Coast.


Already settled in New York, we visited Taboola - another precursor among Cube's investments in the US -,  and it was a delight to see how the company has grown over these years. One of our last stops was with Sam, from Blisce, who updated us on the latest news on investments that we have made together in the recent past while explaining his overview of current opportunities in the American market. Last but not least, we have made important new friends, such as the brilliant Erika, Global Leader from IBM Blockchain Strategy & Ecosystem.


We had a wonderful time following our investments and meeting the people behind them, who enable us to carry on with the mission we believe in.


"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go."
Thomas Stearns Eliot


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