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Casavo raises the fuel for their expansion

Casavo is Italy’s first “instant buyer”, offering tremendous value to both sellers and buyers of residential real estate in Southern Europe. They’re addressing a critical pain point in the property marketplace by significantly reducing the time it takes to transact, simplifying the process by stepping in as a direct buyer.

We are part of their recently closed Series B round that raised €50M, making Casavo the first Italian startup to raise €100M of capital within two years.

“We’re excited about this new capital injection, which will enable Casavo to continue building our technology platform and drive our expansion into new markets,” says Giorgio Tinacci, founder and CEO of Casavo. “In addition to strengthening our presence in Italy by entering new cities, we plan to expand our platform in southern Europe and grow our team. Ultimately, our goal is to create the best buying and selling experience for any customer in Europe, by launching new services and innovative real estate products.”

That's one of the many reasons why we believe in Casavo! In a world as uninnovative and still as real estate, Casavo is the drop of oil in the rusty gears of the market. By bringing together supply and demand online, they're assembling, in a smarter way, things that already exist. We are sure about a future of great achievements, also because they count on a team with "the eye of the tiger" as we have never seen before. Go guys!


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