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3,2,1... SpaceX

Cube welcomes back “Falcon 9” from historic flight!

The Dragon Crew returned to Earth and concluded a unique event: the Demo-2 mission, designed to test the SpaceX human space flight system.

On May 30th we witnessed history when NASA astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley launched to the International Space Station a spacecraft built by the company captained by Elon Musk.


“We invested in the round K of Space-X through a Goldman Sachs opportunity fund in 2019.

It represents for us a new frontier but also a starting point to develop our strategy to invest in the best companies worldwide. Watching the astronauts leaving the Earth was such an emotion for all of us, we felt like part of a family, the family of innovation!

Ideas have no borders, talents can be everywhere and we try to reach them every day.”

- Luca Rancilio, Co-Founder Rancilio Cube

Why is the SpaceX Demo-2 mission so unique?

It's the first time that a private company has brought humans into space. It is also the first launch in nine years happening from American soil.

What made it a success?

The key to this achievement is precisely the vehicle design, partially reusable, thus reducing management costs. The promise of the famous “Falcon 9” rocket is in fact to reduce, thanks to reusability, the mission costs… and that was accomplished tremendously.

A real innovation in space!

The uniqueness of this mission reflects the exclusive chance that Rancilio Cube had to join this stellar company.


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