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3,2,1... SpaceX

The Dragon Crew returned to Earth and concluded a unique event: the Demo-2 mission, designed to test the SpaceX human space flight system. Read More

Cube’s AI dive: Zetta Venture Partners

Zetta Venture Partners - the venture capital firm exclusively focused on AI - building on the success of its previous two funds, announced a new fund closing to invest in more AI-first companies. Read More

Speedinvest III - We are on board!

Speedinvest announces the launch of their third flagship fund and we're delighted to be a part of it! Read More

The Power of Information - Will

Through social media channels (at the moment on Instagram and Spotify), Will aims at becoming the point of reference for those willing to be more aware of everyday facts, ranging from socio-political to climatic happenings. Read More

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